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Lista de Comandos MAUTIC

# php bin/console list

Mautic 4.3.1 – app/prod (env: prod, debug: false)

command [options] [arguments]

-h, –help Display this help message
-q, –quiet Do not output any message
-V, –version Display this application version
–ansi Force ANSI output
–no-ansi Disable ANSI output
-n, –no-interaction Do not ask any interactive question
-e, –env=ENV The Environment name. [default: “prod”]
–no-debug Switches off debug mode.
-v|vv|vvv, –verbose Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug

Available commands:
about Display information about the current project
help Display help for a command
list List commands
assets:install Install bundle’s web assets under a public directory
cache:clear Clear the cache
cache:pool:clear Clear cache pools
cache:pool:delete Delete an item from a cache pool
cache:pool:list List available cache pools
cache:pool:prune Prune cache pools
cache:warmup Warm up an empty cache
config:dump-reference Dump the default configuration for an extension
dbal:run-sql Executes arbitrary SQL directly from the command line.
debug:autowiring List classes/interfaces you can use for autowiring
debug:config Dump the current configuration for an extension
debug:container Display current services for an application
debug:event-dispatcher Display configured listeners for an application
debug:form Display form type information
debug:router Display current routes for an application
debug:swiftmailer Displays current mailers for an application
debug:translation Display translation messages information
debug:twig Show a list of twig functions, filters, globals and tests
doctrine:cache:clear-collection-region Clear a second-level cache collection region
doctrine:cache:clear-entity-region Clear a second-level cache entity region
doctrine:cache:clear-metadata Clears all metadata cache for an entity manager
doctrine:cache:clear-query Clears all query cache for an entity manager
doctrine:cache:clear-query-region Clear a second-level cache query region
doctrine:cache:clear-result Clears result cache for an entity manager
doctrine:database:create Creates the configured database
doctrine:database:drop Drops the configured database
doctrine:database:import Import SQL file(s) directly to Database.
doctrine:ensure-production-settings Verify that Doctrine is properly configured for a production environment
doctrine:fixtures:load Load data fixtures to your database
doctrine:mapping:convert [orm:convert:mapping] Convert mapping information between supported formats
doctrine:mapping:import Imports mapping information from an existing database
doctrine:migrations:diff [diff] Generate a migration by comparing your current database to your mapping information.
doctrine:migrations:dump-schema [dump-schema] Dump the schema for your database to a migration.
doctrine:migrations:execute [execute] Execute a single migration version up or down manually.
doctrine:migrations:generate [generate] Generate a blank migration class.
doctrine:migrations:latest [latest] Outputs the latest version number
doctrine:migrations:migrate [migrate] Execute a migration to a specified version or the latest available version.
doctrine:migrations:rollup [rollup] Rollup migrations by deleting all tracked versions and insert the one version that exists.
doctrine:migrations:status [status] View the status of a set of migrations.
doctrine:migrations:up-to-date [up-to-date] Tells you if your schema is up-to-date.
doctrine:migrations:version [version] Manually add and delete migration versions from the version table.
doctrine:query:dql Executes arbitrary DQL directly from the command line
doctrine:query:sql Executes arbitrary SQL directly from the command line.
doctrine:schema:create Executes (or dumps) the SQL needed to generate the database schema
doctrine:schema:drop Executes (or dumps) the SQL needed to drop the current database schema
doctrine:schema:update Executes (or dumps) the SQL needed to update the database schema to match the current mapping metadata
doctrine:schema:validate Validate the mapping files
elfinder:install Copies elfinder assets to public directory
fos:oauth-server:clean Clean expired tokens
fos:oauth-server:create-client Creates a new client
lint:container Ensure that arguments injected into services match type declarations
lint:twig Lint a template and outputs encountered errors
lint:xliff Lint an XLIFF file and outputs encountered errors
lint:yaml Lint a file and outputs encountered errors
mautic:assets:generate Combines and minifies asset files from each bundle into single production files
mautic:broadcasts:send Process contacts pending to receive a channel broadcast.
mautic:cache:clear Clears Mautic’s cache
mautic:campaigns:execute Execute specific scheduled events.
mautic:campaigns:rebuild [mautic:campaigns:update] Rebuild campaigns based on contact segments.
mautic:campaigns:summarize Builds historical campaign summary statistics if they do not already exist.
mautic:campaigns:trigger Trigger timed events for published campaigns.
mautic:campaigns:validate Validate if a contact has been inactive for a decision and execute events if so.
mautic:citrix:sync Synchronizes registrant information from Citrix products
mautic:contacts:deduplicate Merge contacts based on same unique identifiers
mautic:custom-field:create-column Create custom field column in the background
mautic:donotsell:download Fetch remote do not sell list from MaxMind
mautic:email:fetch [mautic:emails:fetch] Fetch and process monitored email.
mautic:emails:send Processes SwiftMail’s mail queue
mautic:import Imports data to Mautic
mautic:install Installs Mautic
mautic:install:data Installs Mautic with sample data
mautic:integration:fetchleads [mautic:integration:synccontacts] Fetch leads from integration.
mautic:integration:pipedrive:fetch Pulls the data from Pipedrive and sends it to Mautic
mautic:integration:pipedrive:push Pushes the data from Mautic to Pipedrive
mautic:integration:pushleadactivity [mautic:integration:pushactivity] Push lead activity to integration.
mautic:integrations:sync Fetch objects from integration.
mautic:iplookup:download Fetch remote datastores for IP lookup services that leverage local lookups
mautic:maintenance:cleanup Updates the Mautic application
mautic:marketplace:install Installs a plugin that is available at
mautic:marketplace:list Lists plugins that are available at
mautic:marketplace:remove Removes a plugin that is currently installed
mautic:max-mind:purge Purge data connected to MaxMind Do Not Sell list.
mautic:messages:send [mautic:campaigns:messagequeue|mautic:campaigns:messages] Process sending of messages queue.
mautic:plugins:reload [mautic:plugins:install|mautic:plugins:update] Installs, updates, enable and/or disable plugins.
mautic:queue:process Process queues
mautic:reports:scheduler Processes scheduler for report’s export
mautic:segments:check-builders Compare output of query builders for given segments
mautic:segments:update [mautic:segments:rebuild] Update contacts in smart segments based on new contact data.
mautic:social:monitoring Looks at the records of monitors and iterates through them.
mautic:theme:json-config Converts theme config to JSON from PHP
mautic:transifex:pull Fetches translations for Mautic from Transifex
mautic:transifex:push Pushes Mautic translation resources to Transifex
mautic:unusedip:delete Deletes IP addresses that are not used in any other database table
mautic:update:apply Updates the Mautic application
mautic:update:find Fetches updates for Mautic
mautic:webhooks:delete_logs Retains a rolling number of log records.
mautic:webhooks:process Process queued webhook payloads
oneup:uploader:clear-chunks Clear chunks according to the max-age you defined in your configuration.
oneup:uploader:clear-orphans Clear orphaned uploads according to the max-age you defined in your configuration.
router:match Help debug routes by simulating a path info match
secrets:decrypt-to-local Decrypt all secrets and stores them in the local vault.
secrets:encrypt-from-local Encrypt all local secrets to the vault.
secrets:generate-keys Generate new encryption keys.
secrets:list List all secrets.
secrets:remove Remove a secret from the vault.
secrets:set Set a secret in the vault.
security:encode-password Encode a password.
social:monitor:twitter:hashtags Looks at our monitoring records and finds hashtags
social:monitor:twitter:mentions Searches for mentioned tweets
swiftmailer:email:send Send simple email message
swiftmailer:spool:send Sends emails from the spool
translation:update Update the translation file